If you depend on a well to supply your household with water, you may start to suspect that the pump may be starting to go out. If so, look for the following signs that your water well's pump is in need of repairs.

Water Looks or Tastes Strange

One of the first signs that may alert you to a possible problem with your well's pump is a sudden change in your water's appearance or taste. The water may take on a cloudy appearance or start having a metallic taste to it.

If the pump has started to fail, it may start pulling sediment in through the system. If the filter is broken or clogged, this sediment may make its way through your inflow pipes and come out of your faucets.

If there is an issue with the motor that is causing the metal gears to grind, the shavings created by the grinding may also be making it into your water supply. To tell the difference between metal shavings and sediment, fill a clear glass full of water. Then shine a flashlight through the glass.

If you see any reflections, the cause of the problem is most likely metal grinding off into the water. Since you do not want your family drinking water contaminated with either sediment or metal shavings, you should have a professional check out the pump as soon as possible.

Water Sputters Whenever You Turn on a Faucet

Another sign that your well's pump is no longer working properly is when you start seeing water sputter out of your faucets whenever you turn them on. This sputtering is caused by air mixing with the water.

Air in your water lines could be caused by one of two issues. First, the water level in your well may be lower than the pump. When this happens, the intake valve starts sucking in more air because there is not enough water available.

Second, there may be a crack in the pump's casing that lets air into the supply line and mixes with the water. A professional should inspect your well and pump so you can know which one is causing the problem so that the proper steps can be taken to solve the issue.

If you notice any of the above signs, your water well's pump may be failing and is in need of repairs. Contact a well pump repair service to schedule a time when they can come to your home to inspect the pump and fix any issues they find.