Many people want to know if solar tiles are worth the hefty investment. First of all, if you already have solar panels on your roof, it wouldn't be financially viable to remove them and then install solar tiles. But, if you are building a new home, or replacing a traditional tile material, solar tiles might very well be the right home solar electricity option for you.

Great for Sunny Climates

First of all, not every climate is amenable to solar tiles. The hotter and sunnier it is where you live, the more likely you will benefit from solar tiles. That is, you will be able to draw more electricity from your tiles and ultimately get more bang for your buck.


But, you also have to consider whether or not you can find a style fits with your home. That is, if you are building a traditional, rustic, or Mediterranean style home, it might be a little difficult finding roofing tiles that matches well with the rest of the exterior. Most roofing tiles have a low profile and sleek design that fits better with modern architectural styles. Since they are such a new and modern product, it makes sense that they also have new and modern styling.

Also, the majority of solar tiles are dark in color. The darker color enables the tiles to absorb more UV rays to convert to electricity.

Are They Worth The Cost?

If you do find a solar tile that has the style that you want, you next need to figure out if it's going to be financially viable. Proponents of solar tiles will tell you that they are always worth it because of how much they can decrease utility bills, along with the tax incentives you might receive. But, you also have to consider how long you plan on living at your current property. If you are moving in for the long haul, solar tiles will definitely pay for themselves. But, if you plan on selling your property in less than 10 years, it could be a risky investment. That being said, solar tiles could help you get a greater asking price when you put your home on the market, and help you to attract more eco-conscious buyers.

If you can afford solar tiles right now, you can start to enjoy the savings over the coming year and be happy with your reduced carbon footprint.